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The need for private security providers in Nepal is gaining exponential importance. Increasing levels of threats to all types of establishments is resulting general citizens to shift their concentration away from their daily chores, towards their own security. People are looking for some professionals who would take care of their security and relieve them to do their daily businesses peacefully.

Tarakshay Security Pvt. Ltd. is established with the motto of “JUST SECURITY”. Our aim is to take away all the security related tensions from our clients and to provide a peaceful environment to live and to work at a reasonable cost.

We believe that the clients know better about the security of their organization or themselves. It is always essential to understand the clients’ needs and comfort along with considering their advice in formulating a cost-effective security framework.

While providing service to our clients, to meeting their satisfaction, we have not forgotten about our own staff. We know that in order to meeting our goal of keeping our clients happy, we have to keep our staff happy as well. We have formulated effective measures to ensure this factor. We make sure that our staff meet their basic needs and are encouraged to work with us for long-term.




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Tarakshay Security Services is committed to training, deployment of security operatives to our valued customers in Nepal , ensuring the utmost satisfaction and maximum security of our clients well being, property and assets. We continually strive to improve our processes in conformity with standards laid down by statutory and regulatory authorities.